Newcastle and the Hunter Region have seen some relentless rain over the past few months, making the question of “should I get the windows cleaned?” a blurry one. Regardless of the weather we recommend having your windows cleaned on a regular basis. The build-up of pollen, dirt, debris and dust is a separate issue to what the weather is up to that day.

It’s a common misunderstanding that in the rainy season, if it’s pouring down you should avoid the process of getting your windows cleaned, as the rain will just make them dirty again. What many people don’t realise is that the rain has no effect on your window’s cleanliness, it will simply highlight the dirt and debris already there. If your windows are already a mess before the rain, that water is only going to cling to every bit of dirt and make for a murky view.

A quality window cleaner, will be able to get windows looking clear and sparkling regardless of a lousy day or if the sun is shining. Most windows are designed to withstand the elements, which puts the myth that rain can damage your window quality to bed.

After windows have been professionally cleaned, if they’re still showing up dirt and dust when the rain starts to fall, it means your cleaner has missed some spots. In reality, if it starts to rain following your windows being serviced, the silver lining is you’re getting a good test of how well the job has been done.

Atrium Window Cleaning offer a 48hr rain guarantee. This means, if the weather turns ugly after your windows have been cleaned and you spot any imperfections, we’ll come and fix them right up, free of charge.