Living along the coast is a dream for many. The sound of crashing waves, smell of the fresh ocean water and of course the beautiful views. The thing about these beautiful ocean views though, is they can be clouded over time when salt builds up around the windows of your waterfront home. Newcastle is renowned for its ocean front real estate and beach loving residents. What people are a little less aware of is how much salt and water build-up can affect the home, in particular the windows. Atrium Window Cleaning are lucky to visit some lovely residential and commercial spots around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, and we’re definitely accustomed to dealing with that pesky salt water.

So what does salt water actually do to your windows?

The smell of salt water can conjure up thoughts of lazing on the beach, going for a summer swim, all lovely thoughts. But what that salty water also means is that sea spray could be settling into areas of your home and slowly corroding materials like wood, metal and glass. The cool ocean breeze often carries with it particles of salt. On those crisp mornings when you’re looking out at the view from your balcony, what you may not be noticing is the white streaky build-up on the glass panels. Salt spray is a year-round issue when you’re living so close to the coast. Over time salt will settle into the crevices of the window and destroy even the toughest of metal frames and rubber seals. Salt crystals can weaken glass and screens, making way for leaks and cracks. The cost of replacing these window materials can be hefty. This is why keeping on top of annual window maintenance when you live near the beach is very important.

My windows are damaged from saltwater corrosion, can it be fixed?

Even after a thorough, detailed clean, your windows may still be showing streaks and etching marks. This is common if windows have been cleaned infrequently and salt particles have had time to build up and wear away at the surface of the glass and frames. Glass restoration can often repair the harsh marks that have built up on your windows. Depending on how bad the damage is and how long the etching marks have been there, glass restoration may be the solution. Once the glass has been restored, it is important to have the windows cleaned more frequently to avoid repeated damage. Staying vigilant and keeping up the cleaning routine is a smaller price to pay in the long run for clear, strong windows.

Some tips to win the battle against salt spray

If you’re just starting to notice some salty build up and the stains are new, giving the windows a good scrub may be enough to get them clear and clean again. It’s important to use a soft, non-abrasive cloth to clear away the streaks as to not wear away at the glass and cause damage.

Another way to combat the sea spray and salt stains is with a different type of spray. Diluting some vinegar in a spray bottle and popping it on the affected areas can do wonders in eliminating the salt. Spraying the vinegar solution generously and wiping it away with a gentle clothe may do the trick.

However badly the salt water has affected your windows, Atrium Window Cleaning are up for the challenge of getting them clean again. Many beautiful homes around the Newcastle area have some pretty large and hard to reach windows. We have all the necessary tools to get to those high up places and do the detailed work.  See our window cleaning prices and get in touch with us today and we can get your windows glistening again.