If you are new to the world of window cleaning, it’s important to do your research and find a window cleaner that is right for you. Whether it’s in the home or a commercial building, it’s crucial to scope out the right person for the job. Atrium Window Cleaning know the ins and outs of the industry and can provide some insight for first timers when it comes to hiring a professional cleaner.

What exactly is included in the Service?

Depending on what you’re looking for in a window cleaner, there will be a number of things included in the process. The first step will be getting a quote. Within the quote a good window cleaner will identify all of the requirements for the job, including estimated time for the job, equipment involved, method used to the get the job done and ultimately how much it will cost.

At Atrium Window Cleaning we take care and precision for every job we undertake. Included in the service:

  • All glass is cleaned inside out.
  • Tracks are scrubbed, vacuumed and detailed.
  • All screens are removed, stripped clean and then replaced.
  • The whole process is video, and photo documented.
  • We make sure to use precision equipment.

How much will it cost?

When we’re talking about the cost of window cleaning, the price is bound to fluctuate based on the size of the job and what is involved. During the quote process, your window cleaner will be able to gain a detailed idea of what will be involved and explain exactly what your money is going towards.

Atrium Window Cleaning’s prices start from $165, which is a standard starting point within the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area.

How long will the job take?

Depending on how big the building is or how many windows need to be cleaned in your home will determine the length of time it takes to get the job done. The average 1,800 square foot home will typically take anywhere from 2-3 hours. The bigger the home the longer the time involved.

Do I need to be there when you clean?

We all have busy daily schedules’, and it can be difficult to carve out some time in the day to stay home while your window cleaner works. It’s a great idea to ask your window cleaner what access they need to the premises and if they will need you there for the whole process.

Are you properly insured?

If your window cleaner is not insured, an accident or injury can easily become your legal responsibility. For window cleaners to reach those high places, ladders are involved, which comes with an inherent risk. Before going with any window cleaner, make sure they have the necessary liability and workers compensation insurance. This will save you a big headache in the event of an incident.

Do you have a quality guarantee?

A quality guarantee is another key component to look out for when hiring a professional window cleaner. There is nothing worse than hiring someone for a job and not getting the desired results. Many window cleaning services will include rain and streak guarantees.

At Atrium Window Cleaning, we take pride in our work. If you’re not totally thrilled with your windows after we’re visited there will be no charge.


When you’re looking for a window cleaning professional remember to keep these questions in mind. It’s important to know you are getting value for money and a quality service.

Atrium Window Cleaning will be happy to discuss your window cleaning needs and answer any questions you have about our services. Give us a call today to arrange a quote.