Many people underestimate the importance of clean window screens. They stop bugs in their tracks and offer some security when the windows are open. As the screen of a window is constantly exposed to the elements, it’s important to keep them clean and free of debris. When you’ve got dirty window screens the glass is guaranteed to be dirty too. If your window screens aren’t cleaned regularly, they may need to be replaced more frequently, which can be a costly pain.

Why get a professional to clean your window screens

Getting the windows and screens clean is a necessary, time consuming chore. A job many people would rather call in the professional for. The thought of cleaning the window screens of your home can be a bit daunting. Getting the screen in and out of its place can be a tricky maneuverer, especially in older homes with structural challenges.

Types of screens we clean

There are a few different types of screens that can be installed around the home. Some people opt for Crimsafe which is a heavy duty, stainless steel, well secured fixture. Flyscreens on the other hand can be made of a much lighter fibreglass material, more vulnerable to punctures or wear and tear.

The right tools for the job

Once the screens have been popped out of the window frame, that’s when the real fun begins. A handy gadget we have at Atrium Window Cleaning makes the job a whole lot more efficient. We use the Aztec Innovation Screen Washer. The high-pressure water system and fine bristles gets into every little crevasse. Rather than using the hose and a brush to scrub away the dirt and debris, the Screen Washer does all the hard work. For homes with a lot of windows this can be a major time saver.

How often should you clean your window screens?

The frequency of getting your screens cleaned will depend on where you live and what the environmental conditions are like around your home. After heavy rain or wind, you may notice significant build up. You may have lots of cobwebs, mosquitoes or just a whole lot of dirt. Whatever the case, when the screens are starting to look weathered and grimy it’s a good idea to give your local window cleaners a call. Living with dirty screens can not only obstruct your view but also affect the quality of air flowing into the home. That’s why it’s best to tend to the matter sooner rather than later.

How long does it take to clean a window screen?

Traditionally, taking out the screens, getting them clean and re-installing them can be a time-consuming job. Of course, this depends on how many screens need cleaning and how easily they pop in and out of the frame. Something that may take a DIY-er a whole day may only take a professional a couple of hours. Many homeowners will agree, those precious hours are better spent doing something you enjoy than doing maintenance on the windows.

Make your window screens last longer

Well installed window screens should last roughly a decade. When they’re looked after and washed regularly the damage can be kept at a minimum. In the event that there is some screen damage Atrium Window Cleaning can do minor repairs.


For all your screen cleaning needs Atrium Window Cleaning have got you covered. We’ve been using the Aztec Innovation Screen Washer on homes around the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area and getting great results. If you need someone to take the hassle of window cleaning off your hands give us a call for a quote today.